Wikipedia Scrape With 10 line of code

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Hackers loves to use scraping to harvest data.~Ankit Dobhal

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Hello my Computer Geek Friend!!This is a blog about scraping wikipedia content using python & bs4(python module),. So what is exactly web scraping & from where this term comes from?Let’s Try To Understand!! Alt Text Web Scraping - : Web scraping is data scraping process used for extracting data from websites.Web scraping can be done manually by a software user, the term typically refers to automated processes implemented using a bot or web crawler.It comes when world wide web born.Most of time search engine like google uses crawling process in their search result.

Scraping With Python - : Web scraping & crawling can be done with the help of some softwares but in Nowadays Python is gaining its popularty in the field of web scraping & crawling ,& as we all know python is one of the most famous & powerful scripting languages generally for hackers & shell coders. Python have some amazing & powerful modules & libraries which makes this scraping process so easy & useful,Their are two important modules in python one is requests & another is BeautifulSoup.

Let’s Write Python Script to scrape wikipedia content or wikipedia searcher:

I have a basic understanding how to do get request to websites using python , so first of all I open up my vscode editor and create file name as import sys library(command line argument), requests library(for downloading & get method to wikipedia), & my favorite library BeautifulSoup as bs4 (To extact content from wikipedia page). Alt Text Now its time to use get method to requests data from wikipedia server , but wait I want to create a wikipedia searcher which will scrape the data according to my command line argument.So let’s create a variable name as res to store get method to wikipedia search url & add it with my command line argument. Alt Text) note: I uses raise_for_status() method if their is any error code and status code comes so this method will raise that & whole script will terminate. Alt Text res download the whole page but it is complicating to extract data from the page bacuase it shows the html format data , so now this is time to use BeautifulSoup to extract data. So I am creating a variable name as wiki to extract data. Alt Text note: As you can in wiki varibale I uses BeautifulSoup function with two parameters ,So what they are exactly? let’s understand. res.text is a text format of the page which is downloaded with the help of res variable & html.parser is a parser which will help me to sturcture the data into html format.

I want to scrape the <p> tag content according to command line argument because the whole text content of wikipedia page is inside the <p> tag you can check this with the help of developer tools of chrome & firefox. Alt Text Now I am using .select() function to select p tag & for loop to looping throgh it ,then finally printing the text elements inside p tag with.getText() function. Alt Text

Yeah we did it in just 10 line of code bravo!!! Its time to run the script with command line argument » Alt Text

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